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Gold Leaf Foil Nail Art | Naio Nails
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Gold Leaf Foil Nail Art | Naio Nails Gold Leaf Foil Nail Art | Naio Nails

Gold Leaf Foil Nail Art

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  • £1.00 GBP

Gold leaf nail art allows you to create glitzy and shimmering designs on natural nails and nail enhancements such as acrylic, UV Gel and fibreglass nail extensions. The shiny gold and silver leaf give a really classy look to the nails, making it perfect for special occasions such as birthday parties, wedding and other special events. You can also purchase silver leaf nail art from Naio at low cost. Gold and silver leaf foil nail art is simple, easy and very quick to apply, and can dramatically change the look of the nails instantly for a smart and sophisticated nail art design. By simply rubbing the gold leaf onto the nail you can create a smooth golden coat to the nails, or you can use stencil guides to create gold shapes across the nail surface. At Naio you can also purchase other nail art products such as crushed shells, gems, flitter, giltter and nail art canes as well as coloured acrylic powders and coloured nail tips. With all this at your fingertips, you can create amazing and truly unique designs. When the gold leaf has been applied, it is advisable to coat the designs with Naio clear top coat to ensure that the designs stay in place. You will recieve a 14cm x 14cm sheet of genuine 24ct gold leaf.